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Connect disparate systems together with Routes

Connect disparate systems together with Routes

Talk to any satellite operator and they will tell you that sending, receiving and managing data such as telemetry, telecommand, and payload images is a painful process, when really, it should be as easy as sending an email. 

Today, a satellite operator manages multiple systems to work with telemetry including: pulling it from the correct ground station, decrypting, transforming, and sending it to the right place. 

Typically, all of these systems are disconnected and to get by, operators have to rely on custom scripts that require manual intervention, which makes maintaining all of these systems a nightmare.

There has to be a better way right? 

Introducing Routes by Leanspace. It is a highly versatile tool, where you can easily model, deploy custom-code logic, and monitor dataflows. 

Now you no longer need to worry about managing all of your disconnected systems, instead you can have a clear, centralized, and automated way to manage your data flows. Finally, you can manage all of your systems, including your processors like CCSDS protocol transformers, and connectors for sending and receiving data in one place.

Routes also enables you to connect to your various GSaaS providers out of the box, add transformation steps, and encrypt and decrypt data securely. It also connects to other Leanspace tools natively, such as Metrics, Bitstreams, and Commands; or general data sources like files, TCP and UDP sockets.

It is one of the most ambitious and exciting tools that we have brought to the market so far, which means that one blog is not going to be enough! 

Today we will share with you an overview of what you can expect from Routes and in the coming weeks we will do a deep dive into each of its features and their use cases.

Encrypt or decrypt data on-premise

We know how important it is to keep your encryption keys safe. Stay in control by doing your encryption and decryption on-premise.

Model processing steps in your dataflows

Finally, no more disconnected systems! Now you can centralize your entire flow of incoming and outgoing data between your satellites, ground stations, and space operations software.

Create custom processors and connectors

Have something custom in mind? We’ll show you how in our tutorials. Start creating your own processors and connectors, and even work with your own file systems and TCP/UDP sockets.

Interested to learn how to create custom processors and connectors? Get in touch with us to see it in action.


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