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An intuitive and affordable Mission Planning System

Introducing MPS lite
The intuitive way to plan your Satellite Operations

Plan your Satellite Operations with MPS lite

Stop typing your schedule file manually before your passes; get the most out of your spacecraft by generating optimized, conflict-free plans with ease. With powerful resource modeling, constraint validation, and intuitive visualization features, MPS lite is the go-to tool for Mission Planners, Satellite Operators and Flight Engineers.

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Top Features

Resource modeling and propagation 

Create feasible plans optimized for
Resource Consumption

Model all your resources (e.g. satellite battery level, area coverage, crew availability) to compute predicted resource levels over time. Identify and resolve conflicts with insightful dashboards for easy troubleshooting.

Interactive timeline

Create and visualize your
Mission Plans

Define plan parameters, adjust the schedule of activities, and validate plans with our interactive timeline. Get a full overview of your mission planning cycle at a glance.

C2 integration

Automate schedule
Generation & Transmission

Generate validated schedules from your master plan with one click. Simplify its transmission to your spacecraft by integrating any Command and Control software via our REST APIs.

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Easily create and adjust plans for optimal customer payload planning

Do you end up with budgets that are too conservative? Or face unpredicted consumption that could overstrain the satellite’s resources? 

You can now perform the maximum number of tasks for your customers by planning and optimizing your satellite’s resource consumption using our intuitive timeline scheduler and resource dashboard.

Visually compare plans and make changes while re-planning

Earth observation missions require constant replanning due to changing customers demands. But managing re-planning manually at the command level requires too much effort, and limits mission effectiveness. This make it difficult to strategically allocate resources and capitalize on collection opportunities.

Use MPS lite to get an overview of the entire plan at a glance. Our draft and master plan comparison tool allows you to dynamically re-plan and easily respond to mission changes in just a few clicks.

Create complex, plan templates tailored to your specific procedures

Traditional mission planning tools can’t handle the unique nature of in-orbit services, particularly Rendezvous & Proximity Operations. 

With MPS lite, you get a visual overview of your plan during automated RPO activities. You will be also ready to step in for manual operations during anomalies with backup plans and anomaly resolution if needed.

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Introducing MPS lite! The intuitive way to plan your Satellite Operations