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Multi-Payload Operations

Unlock the full potential of
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Leanspace is transforming the way Space-as-a-Service organizations build the custom software needed to operate satellites with multiple payloads.

Deliver a world-class service and future-proof your operations by developing flexible ways to handle any type of payload and missions requirements. Start optimizing how well your assets are utilized to maximize your revenue potential.

Develop Bespoke Space Software with Ease!

Multi-payload Tasking

“How do I generate the most value from my assets whilst managing multiple, competing requests?”

You need to optimize all the payload activities on your spacecraft to maximize their revenue potential while accommodating all customer requests.

Leanspace allows you to collect and prioritize customer requests, model your resources, create the most optimal plan and orchestrate individual payload activities all from one place. You can even run your own or any third party optimization algorithms.

Learn how you can do this using Leanspace tools:


Collect high volumes of cutomer requests and feed them into your mission planning software. Manage conflicting needs when handling requests from mutiple customers and priortise them for optimized asset utilization. 


Model the onboard resources of your satellite to propogate cumulative resource consumption of all of your planned activities. Use this data to optimize your asset utilization.

Integrated Data Pipelines

“My customers have an increasing appetite to receive their data fast.”

The growing demand for data means that you need to deliver faster, uninterrupted data.

Leanspace’s unique open architecture allows you to easily build a custom interface with your customers’ systems via a set of APIs. 
Provide them secure access to their data by developing an integration for their data processing software.

Learn how you can do this using the Leanspace Routes tool: 


Routes enables you to easily manage and transform your dataflows. It comes with numerous built-in features including: secure connections to GSaaS providers, frame splitters, encryption and decryption providers.

Use the Routes tool to build an automated data pipeline for your customers to recieve their indivdual payload’s data in their data processing application.

Build Customer-centric Solutions

“How do I gain a competitive edge?”

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging Leanspace to develop custom solutions for your customers. Stand out from the rest and provide unparalleled customer experience.

Create modern customer-facing portals that your customers can use to visualize live telemetry from their payload, schedule payload activities in advance, or send command requests. Automatically notify or interact with your customers through integrations with external tools such as Slack or Email.

Learn how you can do this using the Leanspace tools: 


Build dynamic, custom dashboards for your customers to visualize their payload’s health status. Configure them within the Leanspace platform and then embed them within your system.

Teams & Roles

Secure your entire operations by defining user, team, and customer access and usage policies. 

Use the Teams and Roles tool to give your customers secured access to their specific payload data. 

Learn why Space-as-a-Service providers choose Leanspace

Maximize your earning potential

Optimize satellite usage and process more payload requests with your existing assets

Deliver the best customer experience

Wow customers by delivering data faster, with improved transparency and a user-friendly interface

Outrun your competition

Many payloads = Many use cases. Turn uncertainty into opportunity by being ready for new payloads, any type of protocol, any type of missions, etc.

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