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Build a secure & scalable
Mission Operations Center

Build cloud-native satellite Command and ControlMission Planning and Flight Dynamics systems tailored to your specific needs. Integrate them together and automate your constellation operations. Do it all with the Leanspace Platform.

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Build Software
That You Trust

Be in control. Build agile.

Building in-house allows you to adapt to changing needs. With our cloud platform, you can easily develop the systems you want, and evolve them as you grow.

Build a fully integrated ecosystem

Connect all your software tools: from system design, to test data management, to satellite operations. Implementing digital continuity connects all your data and teams in one place.

For any type of satellite and use case

Telecom Constellation


Earth Observation



IOT Constellation

Minimize complexity, maximize security

Leanspace abstracts you from the complexity of the ground segment and managing a software infrastructure. Build your systems on industry leading security, availability and redundancy.

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