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An affordable and functional Mission Control System

Solve today's needs and prepare
for the future with MCS lite

Solve today's needs and prepare for the future with MCS lite

Stop the trade-off between choosing a simple MCS to operate your first mission and building a complex ground segment for your future requirements. Get started with our easy-to-configure MCS lite. Make changes to the application source code to gradually customize or extend it with APIs, shaping it for your future missions.

Get all the core features you need today
to operate your first mission!

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Application source code provided

Customize your MCS lite
on your own

Don’t be constrained by the limitations of a ‘black-box’ software supplied by the satellite platform manufacturer, such as the inability to add custom ground stations, change the UI, and integrate third-party tools. Meet custom and changing requirements by tailoring your MCS lite to your unique needs. Modify the source code of the application layer on your own without depending on us.

Built on the Leanspace platform

Meet changing requirements
by growing your MCS step by step

Don’t slow yourself down with an MCS that can’t cater to your evolving needs. Keep up with your fast-paced growth by gradually adding new features to manage flight dynamics, mission planning, and complex procedures. The scalable and modular Leanspace platform allows you to set up the fully integrated ground segment for your future constellations.

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