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Customer Success Story

How Quantum Space built an
ITAR-compatible C2 for their Sentry Mission

Quantum Space is laser-focused on unleashing the full potential of GEO, protecting the life-saving services delivered from the deeper orbit, and beyond.

They aim to operate vehicles that are designed to provide operational capabilities in deep space. With their first Sentry mission, they’re all set to test terrestrial and in-space capabilities that will be extended to their future Scout and Ranger vehicles in GEO, cis-lunar space, and beyond. 

Quantum Space chose to build their Command & Control system (C2) on Leanspace for their first Sentry Mission, and beyond. Leanspace enabled Quantum Space to meet their regulatory requirements by deploying the platform on AWS GovCloud. 

This customer story explores the reasons behind Quantum Space’s decision and how Leanspace supported them on their journey. 

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What's included:

  • Quantum Space’s ITAR-related constraints.

  • Quantum Space’s decision-making process behind choosing Leanspace to build their ITAR-compatible C2.

  • The solution that was engineered to help Quantum Space navigate ITAR-regulated data.

  • The mission-critical technical, LEOP, and executive support provided to Quantum Space before and during their first Sentry Mission.

  • Quantum Space’s counsel to U.S. organizations considering ITAR-compatible solutions.


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