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Commands – A paradigm shift forward

Commands – A paradigm shift forward

In the world of space missions, one size doesn’t fit all. Recognizing the uniqueness of every mission, we are bringing a major upgrade to the Leanspace Commands tool to be incredibly flexible while giving you complete control over how you command your spacecraft. 

With this update, you can tailor the transmission process to meet the specific needs of your mission with support for multiple command sequences, custom uplink logic, and automatic command acknowledgement via the Routes tool.

Our customer feedback has always been our focus, and one key insight we’ve consistently heard is the necessity for a seamless and granular way to prepare commands for multiple scenarios. With our latest update, we’ve woven this feedback into the fabric of Leanspace Commands, empowering you with new features. 

Discover the powerful new features we’ve added to supercharge your mission.

Enhanced Flexibility & Control via Multiple Command Sequences and Custom Transmission Logic

The revamped Commands tool allows you to prepare for an array of scenarios by offering the flexibility and control to create multiple command sequences, implement your own uplink logic, and have complete visibility over the success of your transmissions. This enables you to plan ahead and respond in real time, ensuring you keep the reins of your high performing operations firmly in your hands.

Build Custom Pass Automation with Seamless Integration

The Commands tool wouldn’t be complete without the seamless integration of our Passes tool. Effortlessly manage your transmission process with pre-integrated Routes. The freedom to customize is a boon in any field, especially in the dynamic sphere of satellite operations, offering enhanced flexibility in your operations.

Reorganize Commands with Ease

Further enhancing its appeal, Commands tool ensures your commands are not locked into any command sequence, unless that’s what you want! Feel the need to shuffle things around? Go right ahead! Reordering commands or transferring them between sequences has never been simpler, enabling a more intuitive fine-tuning of your transmission process.

Stay tuned as we unpack each feature in the coming weeks, diving deeper into the unique capabilities and use cases of the Commands tool.

If you are interested in learning more about how your satellite operations can benefit from our upgraded commands tool reach out to one of our engineers.


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