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Discover Lean (Space) Life

Discover Lean (Space) Life

Yes, working in a startup is pretty cool. But working in a space startup that is growing rapidly every day? Well, that’s one big roller coaster full of challenges, new people, and lots of fun! 🧡

Even though our home and birthplace is Strasbourg, our culture is not tied to locations, rather, it is embedded in our values, motivations, and passion for our mission. Every day at Leanspace is different – let us tell you more about it!

The People

The ‘lean’ life is non-stop dynamic, evolving, and always changing. Even when it comes to people. Just in November 2021, we were almost half smaller than we are now! (March, 2022) And the number of nationalities among us currently reaches 13. Imagine the fun we have when someone asks ‘and how it’s in your country?’🌍. We love sharing our culture with our colleagues and it became almost a natural rule to bring something local if you are visiting your home country! There is never a dull day (even during the peak of winter) when you don’t hear several big laughs in one of the offices. If you would like to keep up with our growth and count the nationalities along with us, you can find all of the updates on our LinkedIn profile! 

The Workplace

We love being at the office and also have the flexibility to work from home. In the office, we encourage a turning type of seating policy not only to be able to spend time with different colleagues but also to get inspired by them. We believe that the best ideas and solutions come from communication and teamwork! It’s common to see one colleague giving a presentation to a group about his/her expertise in a certain area. What do they say? Sharing is caring. 🙌 Nevertheless, an office desk is not the only place we work. 😳Being situated in the International Space University, surrounded by greenery and terraces with seatings, we have a vast amount of creative opportunities to build our best office seating.

The Understanding

With such a dynamic atmosphere and many things going around, we commit to being sustainable as much as we can. Luckily, Strasbourg is a biking city, allowing our colleagues to reach the office on their bikes. Our business trips are carefully selected and planned to be reached by public transportation, if possible. Moreover, you can encounter a lot of blooming plants in our office (thanks to Justine) as we give a plant to every newcomer! We are grateful to our planet to give us the opportunity to be on our mission and we feel responsible to give something back!

But all other things aside, the best thing about working at Leanspace is the chance to bring ideas, test different approaches freely, and grow together with the team. It’s simply amazing to celebrate a new client, product, or marketing goal achieved and know that it’s just the beginning. 

We won’t lie, it’s not a piece of cake to work in such a dynamic space startup, but would anyone change it for a thing? Absolutely not. And that’s all you need to know about life at Leanspace.

If you recognized yourself in our story, say no more. We need you! 


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