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The First Space Hackathon Proves Possible To Build A Satellite Control Center In 2 Days!

The First Space Hackathon Proves Possible To Build A Satellite Control Center In 2 Days!

The first step towards a Lean Space

During the Space Tech Europe 2021 event, Leanspace hosted the first Space Hackathon ever, where participants were challenged to build a satellite control center in 2 days. Leveraging the Leanspace Cloud, and using the ClearSpace-1 debris removal mission as a use case, 10 competing student teams proved possible what until today had been out of reach: state-of-the-art ground software can be developed in a matter of days when using a dedicated space cloud. 

“It’s incredible what you can do in 2 days! The services from Leanspace are really impressive, they enabled us to build a disruptive solution very fast”

Smit Patel, one of the participants.

From hundreds of applicants, 40 students from 12 different countries were invited and gathered in Bremen to reimagine the software tools needed to manage space missions. Building on top of Leanspace’s open innovation platform, they developed completely novel applications for LEOP Automation, Monitoring & Control, Mission Management and Docking & Rendezvous. In only 48 hours they presented their solutions in front of an impressed space VIP jury, consisting of IAF and ISU president Pascale Ehrenfreund, CNES ground segment technology specialist Lionel Baize, Clearspace CEO Luc Piguet, and Leanspace CEO Guillaume Tanier. 

“Our state-of-the-art solution was a wrapper around the Leanspace products using webhooks and a storage server, enabling us to automate mission activities triggered by conditional statements without human interference. This improves real-time adaptability and drastically reduces operational costs”

Joel Tomas Pimentel, a participant from one of the winning teams

With the proper technology, what yesterday was impossible is now a reality. As highlighted by Guillaume Tanier during the launch speech, “This is the only way to allow space businesses to thrive, and together build the future space economy. We are providing them the technology to do it.” 


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